Tank ribbon to float conversion

On the BMW R1200GS and GSA, the fuel ribbon in the gas tank unfortunately will breakdown more often than you would like. The reason, opinions differ about that.

The yellow triangle lights up, all bars in the fuel indication are gone and the message FUEL! blinks annoyingly in your display. Yes of course you can just continue driving, but how far is the question?

Defective tank ribbon

With this conversion kit, the tank ribbon is replaced by an original float from BMW that you can click on the fuel pump without tools.

BMW R1200GSA float

BMW R1200GSA float

BMW R1200GSA fuel pump with float

BMW R1200GSA fuel pump with floatBMW R1200GSA fuel pump with float

Then a float converter is connected between the original cable and the fuel pump.

Float converter

Float converter

This is very simple: the original connector in the float converter and from the float converter back on the pump.
No need to cut any cables. The connectors fit only in one way, so connecting incorrectly is not possible.

Connected BMW float converter

Connected BMW float converter

Working float converter

Although the float converter is “plug & play”, the installation of the float requires experience and extensive technical knowledge.

The conversion can be ordered from the following BMW dealer. They have extensive experience with the installation of the float and the connection of the float converter.

BMW Motoren De Jong Alphen

LED emblem lights

For various emblem diameters I have designed an LED emblem light.
R1200GS 2005 ledembleem knipperlicht R1200RT led embleem knipperlicht K1200LT led embleem knipperlicht

LED emblem lights are easy to install (paste and/or screw mounting) on the spot where the original emblems are now.
After assembly, the original emblems need to be placed back on the LED indicators.

The set comes with a “photo”-manual and all mounting and connecting materials.
The LED emblem lights can be applied to motorbikes with existing indicators in LED or traditional light-bulbs.

No adjustment to the CANbus system is required for the BMW models with CANbus!

It does not just look nice, but your lights are now also visible from the side, which improves road safety.

The LED emblem lights can be ordered through our store.