Piaggio LED emblem indicator lights (set) 32 mm


Piaggio MP3 LT LED emblem indicator lights (set) 32mm

Piaggio LED emblem indicator lights with a 32mm diameter
fit on the following models:

Piaggio MP3 LT all models and years of construction

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Piaggio MP3 LT LED emblem indicator lights (set) 32 mm.

These LED emblem indicators are easy to assemble, stick them on the spot where the original indicators are now.
No holes need to be drilled for this, use the existing holes.*

In the front fenders aftermarket indicator lights can be mounted as shown in the pictures and installation video.
These indicators in the front fenders are NOT part of the LED emblem indicators.

If you want more information in advance please send me an e-mail.

The set comes with Piaggio emblems, a ‘photo’ manual and all assembly and connection materials.
The connection cable is equipped with waterproof SuperSeal plugs so that after assembly the sidepanel with the LED emblem indicator light is easy to remove.

SuperSeal connector

Meets IP67 standard

These LED logo flashers are equipped with 10 high-resolution LEDs and give a good and beautiful light output, watch out for cheap imitations! Not only does it look nice, but your indicators are also better visible from the side, which improves road safety.

These LED indicators are in some countries not approved for use on public roads and may not be used there!
Please check your local legislation.


* For the Piaggio MP3 version LT (large track), the holes of the original indicators can be used. With the Piaggio MP3 version RL, holes must be drilled at the indicated location to pass the cable of the LED emblem flashing light.

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