Cosmo Connected

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COSMO Connected helmet brake light

Cosmo Connected is the safe rear/brake light for the motorcyclist.cosmo-connected-cosmo-moto-helmet-brake-and-security-light


The Cosmo connected brake/tail light is mounted on the back of the helmet.
The built-in LEDs require little space and energy. Yet there is more technology in it than just a brake light.
The Cosmo connected is also capable of detecting accidents with the rider and, based on this, alerting emergency services.

Cosmo Connected module is equipped with 12 LED brake lights, which are controlled via an accelerometer. So there is no contact with the motorbike like other concepts, the module works completely independently.
This means that the brake lights also come on when you brake heavily on the motorbike.

Brake and deceleration light
Warning mode
Continuous light (with average luminous intensity)
Combination of continuous light/brake light and continuous light/warning mode
Fall detection technology integrated in the brake light
Warn friends and family: Warns free friends and family via text message in the event of a fall
Adaptable to the largest number of helmets.

   if the Cosmo Moto fits your helmet!

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Mobile App :
The Cosmo Connected app is completely free.
Available for IOS and Android
Ready to connect to Bluetooth
Free alerts for up to 3 friends and family via SMS and text messages
Emergency Assistance Alert (EAA): E call optional subscript : Detects the fall of the motorcyclist and automatically alerts the emergency services in less than 5 minutes..


If Cosmo detects a fall it will warn the app through the Bluetooth connection, which in turn will automatically alert an emergency roadside assistance platform that will try to reach the driver. If the driver is unresponsive – e.g. if the accident is serious – the operator will call rescue within three minutes and sends first responders the GPS coordinates of Cosmo, along with the medical profile of the driver


3 subscription formulas:
7 €/month (up to 6 months prepaid)
8 €/month (up to 3 months prepaid)
9 €/month (without obligation)


900mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery voltage: 4.2V
Cut-off voltage: 3.5V
50% battery capacity voltage: 3.77V
Charging time: 2h40
Charging with micro-USB cable (included)
USB Micro-B port
Bluetooth Energy-efficient module 4.0
3-As accelerometer (speed change detection)cosmo-connected-cosmo-moto-helmet-brake-and-security-light
3-As gyroscope (angle speed detection)
Conformal coating applied to the circuit board

To attach the module to your helmet, first place a base plate, which is fixed with double-sided tape.

The Cosmo Connected is placed on top of this with magnets.

This makes it easy to place the brake light on different helmets.

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Cosmo Moto
Magnetic fastening strip
Micro-USB cable
70% isopropyl alcohol cleaning wipe

Professional quality PMMA for ideal light diffusion (UV resistant, shockproof, fire resistant V1/V2)
Professional quality polycarbonate housing (UV resistant, shockproof, fire resistant V0)
Stainless steel screws (SUS316, identical to stainless steel A4)
Thermoplastic elastomer seal
Dimensions: 139 x 59 x 43 mm.
Weight: 145g (magnetic strip included)

Brake and brake light
Warning mode
Continuous light (with average luminous intensity)
Combination of continuous light/brake light and continuous light/warning mode
Colours: Glossy black – Glossy white -Matt black
CE marking
FCC declaration of conformity
International Protection Marking: IP65
EU RTC Code No: C626
Eruling: US Customs and Border Protection; Import No: 8531.80.9051

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Kleur / Color

Mat Zwart / Matt Black, Zwart glans / Black Gloss, Wit / White

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