About us

My dream

After more than 30 years of working for employers in various technical positions, a long cherished wish has been fulfilled, the start of an own (hobby) company.
On the day I work parttime for my regular employer and the remaining time I use as economically as possible to run HPoskam engineering. The webshop is of course available 24/7, I deliver from stock and questions via e-mail will be answered as soon as possible. I am not always in the position to answer the phone, so please ask any questions you may have via the mail.

The hobby

My hobby, motorcycling, started almost 28 years ago with obtaining the license, my wife has been driving for 8 years and together we are infected with the motorbike virus. We have already visited many beautiful places in Europe and beyond and met some nice people.

What preceded it

At the end of the 90s, under the name Afour Navigatie Systems, I was able to provide many motorcyclists in the Netherlands and far outside with a roadbook. With the advent of digital navigation, such as Garmin and TomTom, the roadbook is now only seldom used by the tourist motorcyclist.
Over the years I have had several bikes and as a technician I have of course adapted them to my wishes with all kinds of options.

Challenges are there to be overcome

Meanwhile I’ve been driving a BMW R1200GS for several years now, but actually I wanted an Adventure. Because I am not so tall this was a challenge, the Adventure version is 3 cm higher than the standard GS. I then chose to convert my R1200GS into an Adventure, which was quite a job.

BMW R1200GS construction year 2007

BMW R1200GS construction year 2007

BMW R1200GS converted to GSA

BMW R1200GS converted to GSA

Now I have the look and feel of an Adventure with the height and handling of the standard GS.
Of course this has not stayed unnoticed and I was asked the question more and more often, if I could, do the same for others on their bikes.

The start

With this as my starting point, I began this (hobby)company, by combining work experience and hobby.

I have already developed various products for the engine, one of which is the BMW tank ribbon emulator, which is now fully developed and available as a product via the dealer network.
The LED indicators for BMW, Yamaha, Honda and Piaggio models can also be ordered in the webshop.

I am always looking for new challenges and will definitely expand my offer in the webshop with new and fun products.