Question: What is the average delivery time?

Answer: Products via the webshop are delivered from stock, if not, the extra delivery time will be listed.

Orders placed before 20:00 will be processed the same day and shipped the next working day.

Shipments in the Netherlands are delivered within 2 working days.

Shipment within Europe 2 to 5 working days.

Shipping is via DPD as a letterbox package, so being at home is not necessary.

Outside Europe the delivery time is 2 to 10 working days, this is via PostNL the shipment is registered and requires a signature.


Question: What are the payment options?

Answer: Payments can be made securely via iDEAL, Bancontact/Mister Cash, PayPal or a direct bank transfer is also possible. When using PayPal, extra costs will be charged!


All products have a full 1 year warranty.



Question: What sizes of LED emblem indicators are there?

Answer: For BMW, the LED emblem indicators are available in sizes 56, 58, 68, 70 and 74 mm. These fit almost all types of BMW motorcycles.
For Yamaha, the LED indicators are available in 45 and 50 mm diameter.
For Honda in the diameter 62 mm.

Question: Do I also need to order separate emblems?

Answer: You can if you want to keep the original but you don’t have to. You can reuse the original emblems for all diameters, with the exception of the 56 and 68 mm version for BMW. These come with replacement emblems of 56 or 68 mm because the attachment of the original emblems does not fit on the LED indicators.

Question: Do I need to drill holes in my motorcycle to attach the LED indicators?

Answer: Yes, but the holes are under the LED indicators, so invisible. Also when you remove the LED indicators and stick the original emblems back on, you will not see these holes anymore.

Question: Is the use of the LED indicators allowed?

Answer: Officially it is not allowed on public roads, but as far as we know no one has ever been fined or arrested for it. The lights are orange/yellow in the indicator function and the running lights are white. We only supply this color so no blue or other deviating colors. These are certainly not allowed.

Question: Is the installation complicated?

Answer: No, as long as you are a bit handy you should be able to install it with the included photo manual.

Question: Is there also a installation service?

Answer: We only supply the LED emblem indicators via the webshop or via dealers. The installation can be done at one of the selling dealers or by appointment with us.


Question: Do the original handles need to be removed when placing the Grip puppies?

Answer: No, the Grip puppies are simply pushed over the original handles.

Question: Will the Grip puppies also fit on my bike?

Answer: Grip puppies fit on any motorcycle with handles with a diameter of 3.17 to 3.68 cm.

Question: Does the handle heater still work when using Grip puppies?

Answer: Yes, these still work, heat release a little less.


Question: Does it fit any BMW?

Answer: Provided that the BMW has a 4-pole connector on the fuel pump, this emulator fits any type of BMW with a defective fuel ribbon.

Question: Do I need to adjust or calibrate anything after connection?

Answer: No, after connecting and switching on the ignition the indication LED on the emulator will go off after 20 seconds and the error message will disappear in the display.


We are official dealer of Rubbatech and deliver the most common from stock.

If a model is not in stock with us they are delivered directly from Rubbatech’s warehouse in the Netherlands to the customer.